Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Hi all,

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Halloween. I hope it's full of fun and lots of wicked treats!


Image Credits:

The Scarecrow
Scarecrow with my thanks to ValerianaSTOCK
Pumpkin patch with my thanks to SolStock
Crow with my thanks to foxypar4
Textures  Aged Photo Effect & Mix # 8 with my thanks to SkeletalMess
Sky is my own.

Challenge image with thanks to AshenSorrow
Ravens 1 - 2 with thanks to foxypar4
Corpse & Tree with thanks Painted on my Soul from PNGTubes com
Scull with thanks to bansidhe
PS Action (1) - with thanks to Pareeerica
Textures from my Grunge Masks Pk 1 & my In the Shadows Pk1

The Black Cat
Background with thanks to AshenSorrow
Cat with thanks to blackkitty666
Bat  with  thanks to levit-Stock
Cross with thanks to Painted on my Soul from PNGTubes com
Textures are my own. 

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