Sunday, September 25, 2011

I came across Marta Orlowska's site the other week which is full of wonderful inspiration and insights.
I thought I would have a go at a couple of her tutorials "Creative Portrait" and "Mysterious Old Cities".

Here's my take on the two tutorials. I didn't follow them word for word as I like to put my own spin on things but I followed the basics. I hope you enjoy my version on these two wonderful tuts! 

© All rights reserved.
Stock credits with my thanks to:
Texture 1 - Scratch TTV & PS Action by Pareeerica

Stock credits with my thanks to:
Bubbles by SXC 
Texture#236 is my own.


  1. Love your work Brenda, you are so talented & I'm always intrigued by your artworks.

    Thanks so much for the blog link too :)

  2. Thank you Parée, your opinion mean a great deal to me :))

    Your more then welcome for the link ;)


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