Friday, November 25, 2011


G'day and happy Thanksgiving to all!

I created this for our faestock users group challenge #36. We have been on hold since Feb as Jessica (faestock) had closed her stock modeling account on deviantArt and I for one am delight that she has decided to reopened her account. I love using her images in my art work, there's always something to inspire the imagination.  Jessica is a wonderful photographer and model with a very fun loving and generous spirit that shines through her work.

© All rights reserved.

If you enjoy doing digital art, please join us. All levels of experience are welcome, we would love to see you there. :))


Image credits with my thanks to: 
Model - Faestock
Flowers - zememz

Wings - Obsidian dawn
 Moon - Petr Kratochvil
Texture 1 - "Rainbow Fireflies Room" and PS Action (1) - Pareeerica
Texture 2 Tex3 from my Shadow pack and the clouds are my own.


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