Monday, November 7, 2011

Ripped off!!!!!

Shortly after I posted my latest texture pack earlier today, I came across this blatant ripoff of my textures through another one of his victims on deviantArt . This guy or gal has download my packs, stripped them of my license  and repackaged them. They even had the nerve to use my previews and names but no mention of me anywhere to be seen.

From what I can tell they are ripping things off from all over the net. The only saving grace is they aren't asking any money for them. 


  1. What a disgrace. This type of thing really makes me mad Brenda, for people to take advantage of your generosity. I hope you reported them to the site to have them removed.

  2. This is so aggravating. So sorry, Brenda.

    But, thanks so much for your recent gradient textures. Looking forward to using them. xoxo

  3. Thanks for the support Paree.
    I'm not sure how to report them? I did however report them the file sharing sites but I still haven't had a reply yet.

  4. Thank you Nancy, I do appreciate your support.

    Your welcome for the textures, I do enjoy sharing them and I won't let this idiot spoil that me or anyone else. ooxx

  5. Oh Brenda - that sucks!!!!
    Boy Wonder on Flickr recently did a google image search on his stuff and found people had used it hundreds of different places.
    I once found my art work on a book cover.
    Here's the only thing I've found to do:
    1. if they are using artwork for personal use or a blog - then message them and ask for a link to your blog. Traffic is about the only thing you'll get from them.
    2. A business or anything like that then they should pay to use the stuff.

    If you figure out another way to deal with this please let me know!!! You're are an amazing artist - so in a way it's a compliment that they want to use your work.

  6. blimey I just checked that site out and they are collecting from all sorts of places! Strangely they've given credit to a couple of the people they've taken textures from, but not you! I would send them an email for definite. I love the gradient textures- great idea and I'll be using them for sure, thanks Brenda.

  7. What a horrible crime, Brenda, I’m so sorry this has happened. Keep us updated, will you? I usually download your textures and backgrounds from Flickr but I wanted to get a more personal look at your art here on your blog, which is a wonderful place! But this is rotten news. :-(

  8. Thank you Michael, Fraggle and Nancy, I appreciate your support and your advice.
    So far all I've manage to do, is have the files removed from the file sharing sites. I really don't know how to contact the person or their site owner directly so that's probably the end of it I'm afraid.

  9. thanks Brenda for allowing yor textures to be used....many to the ripoffs...karma has an interesting way of going around!



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